Today, Trading House «Orghim-Ecology» is one of the major suppliers of meat products in the region, and the unusual name of the company is a firmly established one on the meat market.

OrghimEcology is one of the oldest and largest meat importers in St. Petersburg, which has been trading in meat and poultry for 15 years already, has added seafood business to its range of activities with immediate success.

For springboard in this undertaking the company has capitalized on its high expertise and the well- known reputation among meat and poultry producers and exporters from Europe, South America, USA, Canada and many other countries.

OrghimEcology made an energetic start in the new field in 2001 as importer of fish and other marine products for distribution in various Russian provinces as well as an exporter of fish of Russian origin.

Since 2004 the company has also emerged as a processor running a modern factory with EU-approval and HACCP certification.

Experienced personnel, a convenient discount system, refrigerated warehouse, reliability and the assets needed to fulfil all commitments help our clients feel confident and secure after concluding an agreement with us for supply of beef, pork , poultry and fish.



pr. Elizarova 38 A

Phones: +7 (812) 325-30-30, 325-11-95
Fax: +7 (812) 325-10-18, 325-11-94

  • High quality products on offer
  • Tight control on the maintenance of sanitary and hygiene laws and guidelines
  • Qualified staff
  • regularity of supply
  • High quality service for clients
  • The delivery of goods to any region of the country
контактный телефон (812) 325-30-30
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